Token Model

Our token model integrates three tokens—Essence, DarkMatter, and PAL—each with a unique role in fostering engagement, participation, and value within the ecosystem.

Dark Matter:

DarkMatter serves as a free-to-play in-game token that exemplifies our dedication to fostering a vibrant, engaged community. It acts as a pivotal engagement mechanism, rewarding users for their participation within the ecosystem. Through DarkMatter, we aim to democratize access to the MetaPals universe, enabling users to enjoy a breadth of experiences without financial commitment while incentivizing the journey towards premium engagement.


Essence represents the foundational in-game cryptocurrency within MetaPals, distinguished by its non-tradeable nature. It is effortlessly accessible to users through direct purchases using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or traditional debit/credit card transactions. Beyond acquisitions, Essence can be amassed through a variety of user activities, including but not limited to, friend referrals and the completion of branded quests. This dual pathway for obtaining $Essence underscores our commitment to providing a seamless and inclusive user experience, ensuring that engaging with the MetaPals ecosystem is as straightforward as it is rewarding.


$PAL is our versatile and publicly-traded cryptocurrency token. Staking $PAL unveils opportunities for earnings and exclusive rewards, reinforcing the value proposition for token holders. Key features such as Early Access and Whitelist privileges for upcoming launches, Play-to-Earn mechanics, VIP features, and discounted transaction fees elevate its significance. These attributes not only incentivize token holding but also underscore the multifunctional role of $PAL in enhancing user engagement, loyalty, and the overall MetaPals journey.

A User-Centric Token Ecosystem

This multi-token model harmonizes the diverse needs and preferences of our community, establishing a balanced and dynamic ecosystem. Our trio of tokens—DarkMatter, Essence, and $PAL—operate in concert to cater to a wide array of user preferences and engagement levels. DarkMatter acts as the gateway for free-to-play users, allowing them to experience the joy of companionship with basic functionality and engagement opportunities. For those seeking a more premium and enriched experience, Essence provides access to exclusive features and content, enhancing the bond between users and their companions. This premium currency can then be converted into $PAL, bridging users to play-to-earn mechanics, further deepening their involvement and investment in the ecosystem. Together, these tokens form an economy that balances free participation with rewarding premium engagement, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic community within MetaPals.

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