The MetaPals World

Building a living, breathing digital ecosystem where companions from vastly different universes converge, each carrying their own tales, is no easy feat. We achieve this through several key world-building elements:

MetaPals Lore: From the colorful fields of Teletubbyland to the serene valleys of Sanrioville, each region thrives with lore that intertwines the destinies of MetaPals and their human partners. The first chapter of our lore is coming in May...

Beyond the Browser: The vision of MetaPals stretches far beyond the confines of browser extensions and mobile overlays. We're planning an animated series where the tales of MetaPal Companions and their human counterparts come to life, captivating audiences within a new-age crossover multiverse. Back by popular demand, our MetaPals merchandise line will be dropping soon, now merging the worlds of MetaPals with our shared character companions - merging the digital with the tangible.

Furthermore, the MetaPals ethos of interoperability paves the way for companions to traverse through other metaverses and games, creating a seamless continuum of experiences with your companion!

A Vision of Infinite Possibilities At the core of the MetaPals world lies a promise of endless exploration and boundless imagination. As companions venture through the web, unlocking new chapters of their shared saga, the MetaPals Multiverse continues to evolve. From animated escapades that bring characters to life to physical embodiments of digital friends and gateways to interconnected realms, MetaPals should be an entirely immersive experience - an intriguing world to explore with a companion by your side.

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