Interactive Experiences

We're re-imaging the digital adventures you can take with your companion. The first step? Highly immersive minigames, questlines, and a truly 'shared' browser experience with friends!

Browser Minigames: Picture this: you're reading an article, and suddenly, a mini-game pops up, inviting you to play tag with your MetaPal using elements of the website as your playground. These browser overlay games bring a splash of joy and surprise to your daily net surfing, making mundane tasks a bit more magical.

Sanctuary Games: Within the MetaPals Sanctuary, each nook hides a mini-game that's both a puzzle and a treasure hunt. Unlocking secret goodies and exclusive discounts has never been more fun, with each game designed to deepen the camaraderie between you and your digital buddy. Take it one step further with our SocialFi Paltopia...

Quests and Missions: MetaPals is filled with a wide range of dynamic quests that allow for a constant list of rewarding missions to complete, leveling up your companion and receiving exclusive accessories and consumables.

Sponsored Web Expeditions: Ever thought a trip across the internet could be a treasure hunt? Sponsored missions turn your web exploration into an interactive game, leading you to discover corners of the net you never knew existed, all while collecting rewards and secrets hidden in plain sight.

Shared Browser Journeys: MetaPals lets you sprinkle easter eggs and surprises across the web for friends (or friendly rivals) to find. It's like leaving hidden notes for others to stumble upon, fostering a sense of community and shared delight. We've got a lot more planned for this feature... so stay tuned!

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