The Tezos Foundation granted us significant support and funding, reinforcing our decision to build on their blockchain. With Tezos known for its eco-friendly proof-of-stake mechanism and the ability to update without hard forks, it was an ideal fit for MetaPals. This partnership aligns with our goal to innovate in the realm of digital companionship on a platform that's both advanced and sustainable. Find out more about how we utilise the Tezos blockchain here Blockchain.

MetaPals joined the prestigious ranks of the Techstars community through the inaugural Filecoin Techstars Accelerator in 2022, an achievement considering Techstars' selective 1% acceptance rate. Guided by mentors like Isaac Kato, former board member of CCP Games, our journey through Techstars has been instrumental in refining our vision and accelerating our growth in the digital companionship space.

As our Pre-Seed lead investor, PL has been a cornerstone in the development of MetaPals. With mentors like Ruben Amenyogbo guiding us, their support extends beyond funding to enabling MetaPals to host global events, showcasing our vision to the world. Their continued backing highlights our shared commitment to leveraging technology for deeper human connections, making our partnership with Protocol Labs a key driver in our journey towards redefining digital companionship.

It's an honour to have been invested by BlueYard Capital, which backs founders building the interconnected elements that can become the fabric of our future. This is a testimony to the type of technology we are building at MetaPals, and represents everything we stand for in crafting AI companions for our daily lives.

Beyond the roots of our CEO being an alumnus of NTU, MetaPals has forged a deeper connection with the institution. In partnership with the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, we're exploring Human-Centered Interaction and the depth of emotional connections with AI. This collaboration highlights our commitment to embed our technological advancements within sound academic research, elevating the experience of digital companionship.

Joining ABGA through the ICC Camp signifies a milestone for MetaPals. This six-month program offers us access to demo days in Singapore and Hong Kong, alongside investment and mentorship opportunities. Our involvement with ABGA underscores our commitment to innovation in the blockchain gaming space, benefiting from the alliance's resources and network to refine and expand our offerings.

MetaPals' collaboration with Project Seed opens doors to invaluable insights in the GameFi sector and access to iconic IP licenses, including Minto. This partnership enhances our expertise in blockchain gaming and enriches our universe with diverse, renowned characters.

Joining SMU's BIG Incubation program was a strategic move for MetaPals, offering us vital mentorship, insights, and a central workspace for four months.

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