Mobile & Beyond

Our vision for MetaPals has always been beyond the browser, making them accessible across a range of devices including smartphones, smartwatches, televisions, and into other virtual spaces. The mobile application (coming in Q4 2024) features a unique overlay system allowing MetaPals to appear over other apps and the lock screen, providing users with a consistent companionship experience similar to our browser extension.

Expanding into wearables like smartwatches, MetaPals can offer reminders and interaction in a more personal context. On smart TVs, they can suggest content or react to what you're watching. Our aim is to make MetaPals a versatile companion, moving with users from one device to another seamlessly, ensuring they're always there when needed.

The mobile app not only acts as a gateway to the MetaPals Sanctuary but is a step towards integrating companions into our everyday tech ecosystem. This cross-device functionality is designed to keep the user experience consistent, whether you’re interacting with your MetaPal through your phone, watch, TV, or within other digital environments.

As we expand MetaPals to new platforms, we focus on practical integration, ensuring that companions enhance user interaction with technology, making it more engaging and personal across all devices.

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