Driven by a commitment to addressing mental health and social isolation through virtual companionship, Max leads MetaPals' vision for enriching digital lives. His entrepreneurial spirit was ignited at age 10 with Comic Co., leading to a series of ventures including a student investment fund and a blockchain consultancy firm. Max's deep dive into emotional connections with AI during his Master's at NTU laid the groundwork for MetaPals. His background encompasses roles from global head coach for X-Culture to marketing coordinator for Caleb & Brown, underpinned by experiences as a varsity dragon boat athlete and a passion for rock climbing and sci-fi.

Lingga's journey from a fourth-grade programmer to a tech innovator is marked by an early start in robotics and a profound dive into cybersecurity, highlighted by his ventures into Wi-Fi hacking and security research. His entrepreneurial spirit was sparked with the founding of OutCoursed, leading to his role at Diaspora Labs, where he developed real-time collaboration tools and health diagnosis systems. Lingga's expertise expanded at Surge with AI chatbot development for Daimler, and later at Innosparks, where he led the creation of a national home health marketplace platform. His recent consulting for government contractors in security and real-time monitoring systems solidifies his role as a key innovator and technology leader at MetaPals.

The Team

MetaPals is driven by a passionate global team of 15 spread across product, growth, and development divisions, each bringing unique talents and a shared vision of enhancing the metaverse with joy and delight, inspired by giants like Disney, Supercell, and Zynga. Ferro Sandityo, our senior designer and NFT virtuoso known for his work on Squishy Squad, infuses our characters and game mechanics with his signature creativity. Alan Delpino, leveraging his experience as Binance's former community manager, expertly nurtures our growing web3 community. Rachelle Irene, our product wizard, hails from the Apple Developer Academy, where she was a standout product manager and design lead, even clinching an award at Apple WWDC 2022. Together, we're crafting MetaPals to be your most delightful digital companions.

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